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Pure Gold Jewellers

Jewellery has been one of the mankind’s most valuable substance since the beginning of time. Pure Gold is a Diamond and Gold Trade business established in 1996 and only store having diamond jewelries of Kisna in Bhatkal. Pure Gold are manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer and entrusted to deliver quality products on time, every time, quality, customer focus and creating a trustworthy environment is the main objective. Pure Gold is first Indian and imported gold jewellers in Bhatkal, we maintain close relationships with our clients to make their dream design and also make jewelries from the mother of pearl, various precious stone, our specialty is to create name pendant in different languages. Pure Gold is also specialized ear piercing. Pure Gold has two stores in Bhatkal


Since taking Mesogold, I notice a dramatic transformation in my writing.

Writing is very important in law school and my writing has really changed.

Now I tear into things with energy and animation, and feel like the floodgates have opened.

Edward Davis, age 50
San Diego, CA

I am a naturopathic doctor. I also have doctorate in engineering and build medical equipment.

The first time I tried Mesogold, I took about 3 ounces. About 20 minutes later,

I felt great! My mind was sharp and clear, and physically I felt wonderful and my energy was really good .

Dr. Bill Biagioli, N.MD